September 18th
International Forgiveness Day

On September 18 2021 will take place the 3rd edition of the International Forgiveness Day.

Last year, despite the many complications due to the global health crisis, we have had:

  • 18 participating countries (see image)

  • nearly 100 events around the world, of great diversity: online meditations, forgiveness circles (including a parent / child circle, in Mauritius), Ho'ponopono evenings, radical forgiveness or even the Laskow method (Holoenergetic), screenings of films and documentaries, prayer vigil, conferences, and so on.


We deeply wish that this year there will again be lots of events throughout the world, so that the energy of forgiveness spreads and creates transformation and healing in the hearts of all the people who need it.

Let's all be a little drop that turns the ocean in something great and beautiful !

Below you find the link to register an event for this day, whatever your religious, philosophical or spiritual orientation.


Thank you to be part of the change the world needs,
Roger Baumann & Marc-Antoine Tschopp
IFD 2021 organisation committee
Association Pardon International


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September 18th 2021

Presentation brochure of the IFD 2021
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Support the International Forgiveness Day

This day is organized by the Association Pardon International (API) and requires a large logistical, technical and personal investment. We need your financial support so that this event can be renewed and reach as many people as possible around the world.

Teaser of the 1st International Forgiveness Day
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