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September 18th
International Forgiveness Day

"Without forgiveness, there is no future".

Desmond Tutu, the Anglican archbishop who worked alongside Nelson Mandela, summed up in 7 words what makes forgiveness an essential process. Without the ability to overcome our conflicts, our hatreds, everything that divides us, there is in fact no possible future. And no lasting peace either.

- But what exactly is forgiveness?

I define it very simply as follows: it is the healing of the wounds of the heart.

Note that there is nothing religious about this definition. In other words, forgiveness can be achieved in a secular way, and not just in a spiritual or religious way.

We see this all too clearly today: individuals and peoples are wounded every day, not just in their bodies, but in their hearts and souls. All over the world, the social fabric is torn in many ways, with wounds that are often serious.
Forgiveness allows us to heal, individually and collectively.
Forgiveness allows us to repair the social fabric and move towards peace.
We need to be able to heal our hearts just as much as we need to heal our bodies when they are wounded. This does not require adherence to any particular belief. It's accessible to everyone.

On 18 September 2024, we will celebrate the 6th edition of the International Day of Forgiveness, created in 2019. Be part of it!

Previous editions have been a great success, with over 400 events organised in some twenty countries. Forgiveness circles, meditations, Ho'ponopono rituals, radical forgiveness ceremonies and other practices helped to heal our hearts and welcome our differences. Film and documentary screenings, prayer vigils, conferences, festivals, concerts, dances and spiritual ceremonies were also organised for the occasion.

So, more than ever this year, we invite you to take part in this new edition:

- by taking part in one or other of the events listed on this site between now and 18 September, either in person or online;

- or, why not, by organising a small or large event yourself in your country, your town or your community.

Just let us know (see the form below) and we'll be happy to pass on the information here so that others can join in too.


And since forgiveness is the healing of the wounds of the heart, this Day can also include actions in the service of peace, fraternity and non-violence, among others. Let's cultivate a spirit of inclusion, in the unity of the heart.

The era of personal development must now be succeeded by that of relational development, of collective development: acting together, in the service of the Whole, in the service of Life.

Olivier Clerc,

Founder of the Forgiveness Circles,
IFD 2024 organisation committee
Association Pardon International

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September 18th 2024

Press kit of the IFD 2023
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Support the International Forgiveness Day

This day is organized by the Association Pardon International (API) and requires a large logistical, technical and personal investment. We need your financial support so that this event can be renewed and reach as many people as possible around the world.

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